10 Greatest excuses ever used when late for work.

10 Greatest excuses ever used when late for work.


Ever used an excuse for being late at work?

Well, these turned out to actually be true, as incredible as they sound, they did happen. We’ve all been there, when an unexpected hits or something tragic happens, but we’re only going to talk about the first. There’s enough drama and tragedy.



Bomb scare
There is a bomb in my yard and the cops wont let me leave.

Train missed city
My train took a wrong turn and ended up in a totally different city.

Stuck in traffic and about 15 minutes late because an elephant was being moved across the parking lot.

Dead Body
There’s a dead body in my house

Sex Injury
Back injury from attempting sex in the bathtub

Door missing
Front door came off it’s hinges, couldn’t leave the house for the entire day.

Volcano erupted nearby and my flight has been grounded.

Cow and house blocking the road
My mom has had the excuses of being late because there was a house in the middle of the road (some people down the street literally bought a house and moved it to their land) and a cow blocking the road. This all happened in a matter of a week.

I got sprayed by a skunk walking up the sidewalk to work. I showed up on time but they sent me home.

Wildlife getting friendly.
I can’t come in,there’s a bear on my porch eating my pet chicken.


Here are some other ridiculous excuses for being late at work.

We’re sure that any employer in their right mind would understand the circumstances and give them a pass.

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Do you have any fantastic stories about being late at work? Let us know in the comments below.

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