Fake news to hit the media last year.

    stop fake news

    Fake or real news? Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

    • Ever seen some news that was so obviously fake?
    • Some people just can’t tell the difference and worst off, they act on them.

    With all the outcry over media covering fake news coming from facebook and other media sites, we’ve made a list of the most glaringly obvious news to hit the internet lately.

    Most of these are launched as a hoax by users trying to find some fame, but never given any clear explanation that it is in fact a hoax.

    It’s hard not to notice that a lot of these are connected or set up against Donald Trump.

    Woman defecates on boss’s desk after winning the lottery.

    This one started off from thevalleyreport.com and generated over 1.7 shares, comments and retweets online.

    Ted Cruz and his mistress agree that gay people ruin the sanctity of marriage.

    Started by Dave Weasel from his own website as a satire, it went on to become viral amassing huge attention and causing facebook to labeling his website as fake news and block it.

    Twitter deleted Donald Trump’s account for racism.

    His account is alive and well, blaring out confusing tweets like clockwork and ocasionaly causing a market meltdown, like his recent one firing insults at Meryl Streep.

    Trump offers one way tickets to Africa and Mexico.

    Apparently this one popped up right after the elections, blaring that Trump would be giving out free one way tickets for anyone wanting to leave America.

    RATM to reunite and launch an album against Trump.

    Heaviermetal.net released a piece that Rage Against the Machines would be reuniting for a one-off album trashing the president-elect.


    Keeping in mind that all these are nothing else than fake news, here’s a list of known fake news websites.

    • AmericanNews.com
    • BigAmericanNews.com
    • Cap News (twitter.com/capnews)
    • ChristWire.org
    • CivicTribune.com
    • ClickHole.com
    • CreamBMP.com
    • DCGazette.com
    • DailyCurrant.com
    • DCClothesLine.com
    • DerfMagazine.com
    • DrudgeReport.com.co
    • DuhProgressive.com
    • EmpireNews.com
    • EnduringVision.com
    • Indecision Forever (www.cc.com/indecision)
    • MSNBC.co
    • MSNBC.website
    • MediaMass.net
    • NationalReport.net
    • NewsBiscuit.com
    • News-Hound.com
    • NewsMutiny.com
    • PoliticalEars.com
    • Private-eye.co.uk
    • RealNewsRightNow.com
    • RileNews.com
    • Sprotspickle.com
    • TheNewsNerd.com
    • TheUsPatriot.com
    • WitScience.org


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