Martin Shkreli is suspended on twitter, it finally happened

Martin Shkreli is suspended on twitter, it finally happened

martin shkreli

You all remember the internet’s “sweetheart” Martin Shkreli? Yes, we do to, he’s been in the public attention for the past two years because of his behaviour on and offline.  Which only goes to prove that acting like a dick still gets all the attention.

He started appearing online after buying a little known antiparasitic drug know Daraprim and then boosted to it’s price fom US$13.5 to US$750 per pill. earning him the unofficial title as most hated man in America by the media.

The price hike lead to a series of investigations that ended with him being indicted by the FBI for securities fraud. In true bond villain fashion, to further increase his hated persona,  he continued to create controversy at his hearings by acting like a douche. The story goes on and on so we’ll only deal with the latest tidbit.

He’s actually got himself thrown off twitter for harassing an online journalist. But the way he did it, that’s just hard to beat.


That’s some next level cyberstalking right there….

Finally Lauren Duca did something about it and tweeted some of the screenshots of Shkreli’s account to twitter and they blocked his account.

In a weird way, we do hope he comes back, we’re always thrilled to see what and how he manages to do, the level of hatred he manages to bring out in everybody, it’s awe inspiring.

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But i do believe we all need to thank Lauren (our vote for 2017’s internet hero) for bringing a little bit of happiness into our lives despite the douchiness she had to endure.

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