The perfect lair, if you’re secretly a supervillain!

The perfect lair, if you’re secretly a supervillain!


Ever wonder where movie supervillains get their lair inspiration from?

Some movie supervillains have the swankiest pads, but one starts to wonder, where exactly did they get the inspiration for them?

85 Sky Tower

formerly known as Tuntex Sky Tower, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We’re pretty sure it has two booster rockets at the bottom that allows it to turn into a space station at a push of a button.


Areva tower – Paris, France.

The Tour Areva is entirely black, made of dark granite and has tinted windows and in the shape of a perfect square prism. It’s architects were inspired by the black monolith from Stanley Kubrik’s “2001 – A space odyssey”.


Guan Yu of Yuncheng Giant Statue

The statue is of legendary general of the Three Kingdoms period,  Guan Yu near Yuncheng city, part of the Shanxi province, China.


Dark Chapel

We’re not exactly sure were this is based, but given it’s looks we’re pretty sure it’s a necromancer layer. Or at least a couple of really creepy pasty old guys.


MahaNakhon Tower – Bangkok

It has been recognized as the tallest building in Thailand on 4 May by CTBUH at 314.2 metres (1,031 ft), with 77 floors. Possible offices for Oscorp or OCP?


Mao Zedong statue, central China.

Though now demolished due to lack of local government approval, the $460.000 gargantuan gold painted statue is any supervillains wet dream. The statue is of Mao Zedong, Communist China’s founding father.


Museum of contemporary art in Mexico

Though it’s not as an impressive lair as the rest on this list, it still ranks high enough, we can almost see Gru waiting for his sharks to arrive.

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Uebel & Gefährlich – Hamburg, Germany

By night it’s a techno club, and probably by day the floors roll away, the rockets come out and the supervillains come to party.


Polygone Riviera – Cagnes-sur-Mer, France

Disguised as a shopping mall (oh, we know the truth), this supervillain lair features a built in face to remind your nemesis who’s the big boss on the block.


Chuvash State Opera – Cheboksary, Russia

As all supervillains we love to hate concrete bases built in a frozen tundra is a must. Also is a good cover. Yeah, sure, state opera, we’ll go along with it for now.


The Institute of Robotics and Technical Cybernetics – St.Petersburg, Russia.

Event it’s official description makes us think of it’s true purpose The Center is used for the research and development of mechanical and electrical robotics, in addition to space engineering and technologies. Space engineering, electrical robots, research and development, this one even has good PR.


Terrace on the Park – NY, USA

Not all supervillain lairs are eastern european, this one even boasts a great location along with what we can only imagine is a landing pad for alien visitors?


Presidential Palace – Ankara, Turkey

The official residence of Turkey’s president, the so called “White Palace” looks like a great choice to plan and launch a world domination scheme.

(Photo by Volkan Furuncu/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)


Makedonium – Krusevo, Macedonia

This one has everything, a rather obscure location, a great name and the looks. It’s definitely our top pick for the best evil lair location. Add a couple of laser sharks and grenade gerbils and you’re all set.

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