Sunday, March 26, 2017
Surprising advantages of being single

Surprising advantages of being single


Everybody’s struggling at this point, everybody’s scrambling to get more productive, improve their career standing and impress their bosses. Job and personal life is always hard to balance out, but sometimes we all need to pull the extra shift to get things done on time. Having someone that constantly whines about not having enough time to dedicate to the relationship only adds to the stress, in a world that seems to run more and more and getting things done as fast as possible.

“Don’t you worry; we’ll stay in touch!” Those words should sound familiar if you have friends who have gotten married and/or had children. How many of them actually kept their word? Not many, I bet. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since these major life decisions require the sacrifice of free time and personal freedom.


We all do it, we all want it, we all think it. Ever felt bad about flirting with new the guy/gal at the Starbucks around the corner just because you see him/her every thing and she/he is a total bomb? Even if you know it’s harmless and won’t lead to anything, relationships trigger the feeling of guilt in pretty much everybody, you know it’s wrong even if you really really really want to do it. Add to that guilt a partner that is a bit on the jealous side and you get a pretty explosive situation. Being single fixes that.

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A survey by a UK company shows that about 60% of people in a relationship start gaining weight, and fast. We’ve all seen it, in ourselves, our significant other or other people. It happens, we get complacent, and let’s face it, it’s easier to take out an entire pizza since you’re not really worried about hooking up or keeping up with what’s happening. Add that with the about 30% who admitted that they spend most of their together time watching TV and you start to realize why so many people start to feel out of focus and strained by a new relationship.

Another study shows that the so called “accelerated time” feeling that starts to occur after a certain age is based on the fact that we don’t do as much new things after a threshold. Basically spending your nights with pizza in front of the TV with your “babe” can get very addicting and is not good for you.


It’s all fun when you text back and forth for hours on end at a start of a relationship, but just image how much time you actually spend doing it, and what else you could be doing with that time. We’ve all had those hours long calls that just seem to never end. How about reading a book, doing something productive? Sure, not every relationship is like that, but what are really the odds? Another great advantage of being single.


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