Trump Vs. Schwarzenegger , The Apprentice Saga

Trump Vs. Schwarzenegger , The Apprentice Saga

Trump vs. Schwarzenegger

Donald Trump seems to still have strong feelings towards The apprentice series

  • Trump is still involved in “The Apprentice” as a producer
  • Is it ok when the president cares more about a show than his political agenda?

The news has been running around the web for a couple of days now, there’s been a bit of a clash between the new POTUS and the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Arnold has taken the reins of the famous “The Apprentice” show and it has caused a rumble between the two.

With the show being a bit aged and it’s ratings going ever lower, Trump took to twitter to trash the new host (in true Trump fashion).

I realize that the president has a huge staff to attend all matters of state but truly he cannot be this self obsessed to actually take time from running a country to trash a tv show host. But then again, Trump is still quoted as producer on the show, so we know he’s still getting paid off that.

Soon after, Arnold who’s been doing his best to add a bit of his own charisma to the show took to twitter for a comeback.

“You’re fired got changed to You’re Terminated”

Now, that’s a righteous burn in my opinion, and the Trumpster should really watch himself, Arnold proves he’s got the diplomacy to navigate politics.